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Khakass Tree Ring Research Laboratory

We’re scrolling thru flavescent pages
of forest’s long reminiscence
in rain and heat, for worst and best –
memorabilia of ages.

That rugged bark is envelope
of diligently filled diary
where entries year after year
form layered kaleidoscope.

In spring, light stripe recorded tales
of streaming water under root,
Grass blades that tease your bare foot,
First thunderstorm, and nightingales.

In top of summer, shining sun
will share its beams of lavish light,
and ring will get thin browned side:
yes, even trees are gaining tan!..

We’re solving riddle without qualms
in centuries of wooden wrinkles,
where trembling pulse of rugged rings
holds homeland in leafy palms.

                              Liliana Belokopytova

Our research focuses on

- investigation of the environmental factors (climate, hydrology, landscape, edaphic and silvicultural conditions, genetics, environmentally significant events: fires, insect outbreaks, droughts) influence on the annual rings of woody plants;

- simulation of seasonal growth and processes of the tree rings anatomical structure formation;

- using long-term tree ring chronologies for evaluation of dynamics of the regional environmental factors.

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